adding some green

Well, it happened. The winter crud caught up to our family and even though we did our very best to keep our little boys healthy, I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. My goal was to keep baby Keller as germ-free as possible for the first three months of his life, and fortunately, he was super healthy up until just recently, when we all came down with a bad virus. Luckily all three boys had a quick recovery (thank you oils, more on that soon) but while I was busy trying to take care of everyone and be mama witch doctor, I think I accidentally forgot to take care of myself. Oops. So after a very long week of illness, we decided it was time to get some fresh air and buy some pretty green plants for our little home. Because although I really really love winter ... I really really dislike being sick. So our new plant friends are helping us get excited for spring while purifying the air so that we can enjoy the next chunk of winter germ-free. Hopefully! Thank you, little green friends! And welcome home. 


four months

Baby Buddha is four months old (and seven days, officially). We had Keller's four month checkup today and the sweet little nurse almost fainted when she looked up his measurements and saw that he was in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. Our little preemie isn't so little anymore. Four month old Keller loves to nurse (surprise, surprise) and read books while doing tummy time. He could stare at his big brother Porter for hours (he smiles SO big whenever he gets close to P) and really dislikes loud noises. He loves his crib and hates his car seat. He smiles and coos constantly and always requests to be held and cuddled and loved on as much as he possibly can. Happy four months, sweet baby boy. We love you and your two chins so very much. :)


happy birthday sherman

Five! You are five years old today, big brown dog. I started this silly ole blog with nothing more to write about than you, my very first baby. Every other post was about you. And now you have two little brothers who definitely try to steal the show. But I don't think you mind. You are thrilled that Porter can now kick a soccer ball your way and throw a tennis ball far enough for you to get to run a little. And I promise Keller isn't far behind him. Soon you'll have two crazy boys giving you a run for your money. So yes, rest up while you can. We all love you and wish you a very happy FIFTH birthday. Thank you for being patient and kind and forever lovable.

P.S. Baby Sherman. Oh my.


a new hobby

Dan the bee man is diving into yet another fun hobby. And this one might just be my favorite yet. The wicks have been purchased and the mason jars have been brought up from storage and the beeswax rounds are ready to be melted into cute little candles. And I'm ready to put my feet up with a nice glass of red wine and sit by the ... candle. Next house is going to have a fireplace. It just has to. But until then, candles and twinkle lights (and hobbies) are keeping the January blues at bay. Okay, fine. And red wine.

sweet honeybee

Why are you yawning in that last picture, kid? 
Smiling for 289 pictures is the opposite of exhausting.