a new season

Sorrrrry for all the quietness over here. I have a certain toddler who, with the change of weather we've recently had, wants to be outside all day every day. I'm talkin', we wake up and eat breakfast, put our shoes on and we don't walk back inside until it's time for lunch. Then after nap we put on our shoes again and go outside and stay out until the minute it's time for dinner. I'm definitely not complaining, this 70 degree weather just makes sitting down at a computer rather difficult, is all. 

Today it is raining.
So I'm actually going through some pictures for once.
And Porter and Sherman are trying their very best to be nice to each other while being stuck inside. There are tennis balls flying everywhere.

But rain or shine ... we are so very thankful spring is here.
A new season for new adventures.
Let the fun begin!


last one?

If you love snow like we do, the good news is ... I took way too many snowy pictures yet again. But if you're throwing rocks at your computer screen right now, yelling at me for posting yet another snow post ... well ... then I don't like you. Kidding! I have good news for you, too! Sunshine and 60s in the forecast. Get ready for pictures of picnics and parks and chubby, bare toddler legs. And Sherman panting. That's right, it's almost Spring in Kansas City! And I think this just might have been our last snow for the season. But I sure won't be mad if it's not. :)


snow gazer

The snow started falling this past Saturday morning and we watched the last few snowflakes fall to the ground Sunday, just seconds after Porter finished his breakfast while trying his best to smoosh his entire face up against the ice cold window. Honestly, I'm surprised he even ate breakfast. I don't think he blinked for 24 hours. And the best entertainment award goes to ... snow.



This is our night, every night.
Sherman with a tennis ball in his mouth (sometimes two, sometimes three).
Porter fresh out of the bath, crazy curly hair and a cloth diaper.
Dan being super dad and just doing it all.

Every evening around 5:30 Dan takes over with Porter and gives him a bath while I walk/run the crazy Sherm dog, who is more than ready to get out of the house. Oh who am I kidding, so am I. Then Porter gets his sippy cup of milk around 6, followed by books and kisses, and it's off to dreamland by 6:30. Then Dan cooks dinner for me, I cook dinner for Sherman (scooping = cooking in my books) and the rest of the evening is spent relaxing and trying our best to avoid the 97 different creaks in our old hardwood floors to ensure the sleeping babe stays a sleeping babe.

Ahhhh, night.
I sure love you.


the lost shoe

Whenever Porter is unsure of something, if he doesn't know the answer to a question or if something is confusing him, he extends one chubby little hand, spreads all five fingers as wide as they can go and shrugs his little shoulders, like I dunno. It melts my heart and is something I never ever want to forget. 

So yesterday we were getting ready to head out the door. And then I noticed my kid only had one shoe on. So I took the one shoe off and asked him where his other shoe went.

He extended one chubby little hand, spread all five fingers as wide as they could go and shrugged his little shoulders. I dunno, mom.

And then we spent the next 42 minutes looking for his lost shoe.
Well, he looked for his shoe.
I took pictures and imagined what was going through that sweet little head of his.
Mom wants me to find my lost shoe.
Maybe it fell behind that giant candle I'm not supposed to touch.
Maybe I should touch that giant candle I'm not supposed to touch.
No, no, concentrate Porter.
I see mom's shoes.
There's my coat.
But no lost shoe.
I dunno.
I dunno.
I dunno.
You're documenting this?
Really mom?
Hey! I just remembered!
Dad's working from home today.
I'll go ask him if he's seen my shoe.
Dad, I dunno where my shoe is.
Have you seen it?
It's blue. 
It used to be cousin Jack's.
It looks identical to this one.
Have you seen it, dad?
Get off that conference call and help me!
This is hard.
I wonder what mom's going to make me for lunch.
I'm kind of hungry. 
And these teeth are hurting like a ...
I think I see my shoe!
I dunno.
Maybe not.
Definitely not.
That was a squirrel.
You came to help me look for my shoe!
(he came to look at the squirrel)
You're not being very helpful, Sherm.
I'll just wear mom's shoes instead.
These will work juuuuust fine.
They almost fit perfectly.
There's the other shoe!
I did it ... I found it!
(mom actually found it and placed it behind him)
Sherman, we found it!
Want to smell?
And they all lived happily ever after.
Two blue shoes included.